Jul 06 2010

Starting Lineup: The 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race

A large field of 30 cars raced in the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race held on October 1, 1910. The race was run on the same course as in 1909- a total of 12.64 miles including 5.15 miles of the Long Island Motor Parkway. The winner needed to complete 22 laps of the course for a total of 278.08 miles. Remember to click on the images to enlarge them:


#1 National (USA) driven by Al Livingstone. Finished 13th. Flagged while running during lap 21 when race was called.


#2 Lozier (USA) driven by Ralph Mulford. Finished 5th. Completed 22 laps averaging 63.1 MPH.


#3 Marquette-Buick (USA) driven by Arthur Chevrolet (Louis Chevrolet's brother). Finished 25th. Broke driving chain during lap 8. Arthur Chevrolet was shown here "in despair" when forced to quit.


#4 Mercedes (Germany) driven by Spencer Wishart. Finished 17th. Flagged during 18th lap.


#6 Simplex (USA) driven by Ralph Beardsley. Finished 15th. Broke steering gear during 19th lap.


#7 Benz (Germany) driven by Eddie Hearne. Finished 8th. Led most number of laps. Completed 22 laps averaging 61.2 MPH.


#8 Benz (Germany) driving by Franz Heim. Finished 27th. Caught fire during lap 6.


#9 Amplex (USA) driven by Walter Jones. Finished 14th. Flagged while running during lap 20 when race was called.


#10 National (USA) driven by Johnny Aitken. Finished 3rd. Completed 22 laps averaging 64.7 MPH.


#11 Simplex (USA) driven by Leland Mitchell. Finished 7th. Completed 22 laps averaging 61.30 MPH.


#12 Columbia (USA) driven by Harold Stone. Finished 30th. Car ran off the Newbridge Road Bridge during lap 1, killing mechanician William Bacon.


#14 Corbin (USA) driven by Joe Matson. Finished 24th. Radiator problems during lap 10.


#15 Stoddard-Dayton (USA) driven by Hugh Harding. Finished 9th. Completed 22 laps averaging 60.09 MPH.


#16 Benz (Germany) driven by David Bruce-Brown. Finished 12th. Flagged while running during lap 22 when race was called.


#17 Pope-Hartford (USA) driven by Jack Fleming. Finished 6th. Completed 22 laps averaging 62.5 MPH.


#18 Alco (USA) driven by Harry Grant and mechanician Frank Lee. Finished 1st for second consecutive year. Completed 22 laps averaging 65.18 MPH.


#19 Jackson (USA) driven by E.F. Schiefler. Finished 20th. Radius rod problem during lap 15.


#20 Oldsmobile (USA) driven by Harry Stillman. Finished 11th. Flagged while running during lap 22 when race was called.


#21 Marmon (USA) driven by Ray Harroun. Harroun won the first Indy 500 Race in a Marmon. Finished 21st. Broken crankshaft during lap 14.


#22 Pope-Hartford (USA) driven by Bert Dingley. Finished 10th. Completed 22 laps averaging 59.90 MPH.


#23 American (USA) driven by William Wallace who also competed in the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Finished 26th. Cracked cylinder during lap 7.


#24 Stoddard-Dayton (USA) driven by Tobin DeHymel. Finished 22nd. Broke steering knuckle during lap 12.


#25 Marmon (USA) driven by Joe Dawson. Finished 2nd. Only 26 seconds behind Alco. Completed 22 laps averaging 65.07MPH.


#26 Houpt-Rockwell (USA) driven by Carl Limberg. Finished 18th. Flagged while running during lap 19 when race was called.


#27 Marquette-Buick (USA) driven by Bob Burman. Finished 23rd. Driving chain broke and hit ditch at the Massapequa Turn during lap 10.


#28 Apperson (USA) driven by Harris Hanshue. Finished 16th. Flagged while running during lap 18 when race was called.


#29 Marquette-Buick (USA) driving by Louis Chevrolet. Led first 8 laps. Finished 19th. Broke steering knuckle during lap 16. Crashed into parked touring car killing mechanician Charles Miller. Deaths of two mechanicians and spectator injuries during the 1910 race put an end to the Vanderbilt Cup Races on Long Island.


#30 Royal Tourist (USA) driven by P.H. Jardine. Finished 29th. Broke down during lap 1.


#31 National (USA) driven by Louis Disbrow. Finished 4th. Completed 22 laps averaging 63.60 MPH.


#32 Knox (USA) driven by Fred Belcher. Finished 28th.Valve problem during lap 4.

#5 Oldsmobile to be driven by Joe Nelson. Twin to the #20 Oldsmobile. Entered but did race due to a faulty starter.


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