Dec 21 2013

The Vanderbilt Cup Race Fantasy Team

Wiliam K. Vanderbilt Jr loved competitive sports and was a member of his St. Mark's Preparatory School's football team (first row, far right).

In honor of Willie K.'s love of football, here is my Vanderbilt Cup Race Fantasy Team of drivers, mechanicians, officials and fans.


Howard Kroplick

PS. After three years of trying, tomorrow I will be playing in the Super Bowl of my family's 14-team fantasy football league against my daughter Dana.  Best of luck Dana!


William K. Vanderbilt Jr.


Harry Grant


Frank Lee

Running Back

George Robertson

Wide Receiver

Louis Chevrolet

Wide Receiver

George Heath

Tight End

Joe Tracy


Vincenzo Lancia

Left Tackle

Louis Wagner

Right Tackle

Victor Hemery

Left Guard

Herb Lytle

Right Guard

William Luttgen

General Manager

A.R. Pardington


Jefferson De Mont Thompson

P.A. Announcer

Peter Prunty


The guy on top of the telephone pole at Kurg's Corner, Mineola

Fans in the Stands

Consuelo Vanderbilt (third from left)

Alva Vanderbilt Belmont and her husband O.H.P. Belmont

Sir Thomas Lipton (middle)


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