Apr 28 2012

The Hempstead Plains Motor Parkway Bridge Near Bloomingdale Road

Tim Ivers: "Howard, the 1932 Hagstrom Map shows an overpass over the LIMP (Bloomingdale Road extension) which connected with Hempstead Tpke.  The overpass is about halfway between Jerusalem Avenue on the west and Wantagh Rd (Ave.) on the east. Are there any known photos of this overpass, or other information?"

Tim, there was indeed a Motor Parkway bridge in that location. One of the original 16 bridges built for the opening of the Motor Parkway on October 10, 1908, the bridge was well documented in the 1908 to 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races.


Howard Kroplick



This is the location of the bridge as indicated in the 1932 map.

The bridge is highlighted in this 1924 aerial of the Hempstead Plains.

The bridge was still standing as shown in this 1947 aerial. But, it was soon taken down with the building of Levitt homes.

The 1928 Motor Parkway Atlas designated the "Highway Bridge" as Station 80. The Highway bridge meant that the Motor Parkway went under the bridge.

A crowd of spectators on the bridge had a wonderful view of Emil Stricker's Merecedes during the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Also note the parked cars.

The crowd on the bridge can be seen cheering George Saltzman's Thomas during the 1908 race. Note: The guardrails on the Motor Parkway- a pioneering feature for an American road.

A close-up of Al Denison's Knox during the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

My favorite photo of the bridge- Harry Grant and Frank Lee driving the Alco to victory in 1909.

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Oct 11 2012 Rachael 8:34 PM

My husband and I bought a house in Levittown 3 years ago. I couldn’t figure out why there was a parcel of vacant land between houses that was a block over from us. I always wondered what it was. Now I know after hearing about the news of the possible condo development (which I just got a letter today saying it’s been halted, good news!). Also, a bit off topic, but I once almost got into a car accident driving down the block at night. I saw a teenage boy in turn of the century clothing in the middle of the street. I swear it was a ghost. I swerved, looked in my rear view mirror, and he was gone. I told my mom about this, and she said it seemed strange since there was nothingness in my neighborhood back then. Perhaps I saw someone who died in a car accident from motor parkway? who knows!

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