Oct 15 2014

Starting Lineup: The 1912 Vanderbilt Cup Race Held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Only eight race cars participated in the  Vanderbilt Cup Race held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 2, 1912.

The race consisted of 38 laps over the 7.88 mile Wauwatosa road course for a total of 299.44 miles.


Howard Kroplick

#22 Mercedes driven by Ralph DePalma (driver) and Tom Alley (mechanician). Finished first, completing 38 laps and averaging 68.962 MPH.

#23 Mercer driven by Hughie Hughes (driver) and Jack Jenter (mechanician). Finished second, completing 38 laps and averaging 68.744 MPH.

#24 Knox driven by Ralph Mulford (driver) and Billy Chandler (mechanician). Finished 8th after finished two laps with a defective magneto.

#25 Lozier driven by Harry Nelson (driver) and Louis Fontaine (mechanician). Finished 6th, withdrawing after 26 laps.

#26 Mercedes driven by Spencer Wishart (driver) and S.F. Brock (mechanician). Finished 3rd completing 38 laps  and averaging 64.955 MPH.

#27 Stutz driven by Gil Anderson (driver) and Will Hamilton (mechanician). Finished 4th, completing 38 laps and averaging 64.238 MPH.

#28 Mercedes driven by George Clark (driver) and Graham (mechanician). Finished 5th, completing 38 laps and averaging 61.600 MPH.

#29 Fiat driven by Ted Tezlaff (driver) and George Hill (mechanican). Finished 7th, completed 25 laps before witdrawing due to a broken drive shaft.


Oct 16 2014 Ted 4:34 PM

From the looks of things, it must have been a pretty wild race, the speeds were all about the same, I think it was a pretty close race, for the ones who finished the 38 laps

Oct 30 2014 S. Berliner, III 6:18 PM

Typo; the #29 Fiat was driven by the famed Teddy “Tetzlaff”.  Sam, III

From Howard Kroplick

Sam III, thanks!

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