Feb 04 2011

Vintage Automobile Ad Series #1: American Locomotive Company

The primary reason American and European manufacturers participated in the Vanderbilt Cup Racers and invested in race cars and racing teams was to publicize their automobile product lines. The winning company had a golden opportunity to promote the connections between their triumphant race car and their best-selling models. In the first of a new "vintage ad" series on VanderbiltCupRaces.com, this is how American Locomobile Company advertised following the Alco-6 Black Beast's victories at the 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races:



After its first victory, American Locomotive Company stated the winning race car was a "60 H.P. Stock Model. The key to success was "It Stayed New".

Alco Wins Vanderbilt Cup

And never was a victory won more strictly on merit.



Following its second consecutive victory in the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Cup Race, American Locomotive Company introduced a series of ads.

The unprecedented performance was possible because of a perfectly balanced chassis, wonderful engine consistency and indestructible qualities of materials impacted by the exclusive alloy steels of the American Locomotive Company.


The American Locomotive Company never has built a racing car. This proof the ALCO touring car of everyday services embodies such absolute reliability inspires in owner and builder confidence beyond price.


ALCO Twice the Envied Winner of the Vanderbilt Cup


No other stock car ever won the Vanderbilt Cup. No other car ever won it twice. A buyer may not want to ride as fast as ninety-five miles an hour. He does want the safety and confidence inspired by such a record of reliability and endurable.

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