Jan 18 2016

Mystery Foto #3 Solved: Harry Grant driving an Isotta in the 1913 Elgin National Trophy Race

Stuart Middlemiss challenged you to solve this weekend's Peter Helck's "Mystery Painting."

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the racer and its driver Hint: The driver was a particpant in the Vanderbilt Cup Races. Hint: The driver was a Vanderbilt Cup Race winner!

Harry Grant, winner of the 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races, driving the #15 Isotta.

  • Identify the race depicted in the painting.

Grant was driving in the 1913 Elgin National Trophy Race held on August 30, 1913 on the Elgin, Illinois road course. Grant had previously finished second in the 1911 Elgin National Trophy Race in the Alco Black Beast.


Kudos to Chuck Rudy and Randy Reed for 100% identifying the Peter Helck painting.


Howard Kroplick

From Great Auto Races by Peter Helck

Caption: 1913 Elgin National Trophy: Grant's Isotta- Collection of Thomas W. Barrett, Scottsdale, Arizona

Harry Grant and the Isotta

Harry Grant retired from racing in 1912, but did not stay out long. In the 1913 Elgin National Trophy Race, Grant finished fourth in the #15 Isotta.

With the Indianapolis 500 becoming the most important race in America, Grant drove again in the 1913 classic, finishing 24th in the #26 Isotta.

1913 Isotta Frashini S1

Courtesy of justacarguy.blogspot.com .


Jan 15 2016 Chuck Rudy 11:16 PM

The race depicted is the 1913 Elgin National Trophy Race with Harry Grant at the wheel of his Isotta.


Not sure why Wishart was not on the pole with the “record time” but he would pass a year later in the race on the same course.


Jan 17 2016 Randy Reed 1:53 PM

Elgin National Trophy, 1913, driver Harry Grant. The car is an Isotta Fraschini Tipo IM, 4 cyl., SOHC, 7.2 liters, 135 hp at 1800 rpm. 6 of these cars were built at the prompting of the American importer. This one (or it’s twin) resides in the William Evans Museum in San Diego, California and is still quite active in many events.

Jan 19 2016 Stuart Middlemiss 5:38 AM

Thanks to Howard for posting my “mystery” and to Chuck and Randy for identifying the subject.

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