Jul 03 2019

Los Angeles Herald October 2, 1910: Harry Grant and his ‘Black Beast’ Alco & Tonight’s Fireworks

Chuck Camp has forwarded this October 2, 1910 Los Angeles Herald article documenting why Harry Grant's Alco was painted black.

Enjoy the 4th of July Holiday,

Howard Kroplick

Los Angeles Herald, October 2, 1910

1911 Elgin National Trophy Race, August 26, 1911

Harry Grant placed the Bete Noir logo on its chassis for the 1911 Elgin Race.


Jul 07 2019 Kelly Williams 1:32 PM

Apparently a typo in Grant’s association with the Stanleys - it should probably be 1898 instead of 1888.  That lines up better with the Stanleys’ activity, plus in 1888 he would have been 11 years old.

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