Nov 30 2013

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #41: The Bloomingdale Road Bridge in Hempstead Plains

The 41st bridge in the series documenting the 60 Long Island Motor Parkway bridges is the highway bridge built for the extension of Bloomingdale Road in the Hempstead Plains (now Levittown). It is classified as a "highway" bridge since the Motor Parkway went  through the bridge under an extension of Blomingdale Road planned to be built after 1908.

One of the original 16 bridges built for the Vanderbilt Cup Races, it was part of the courses for the 1908, 1909 and 1910 races.


Howard Kroplick

May 21, 1908 Survey

The property surrounding this bridge was pruchased from the heirs of A.T. Stewart. As part of the purchase, the Motor Parkway was required to built this bridge in anticipation of the extension of Bloomingdale Road to the north.

The bridge was identified as station 80.

As shown in this map and the below 1924 aerial, Bloomingdale Road was eventually extended to the bridge.

1926 Aerial

1928 Motor Parkway Atlas

1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes- October 10, 1908

A wonderful view of the bridge on the opening day of  the Long Island Motor Parkway. H. Tuttle was seen here driving the #G25 Stoddard-Dayton ahead of another racer.

1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race- October 24, 1908

The #2 Knox driven by Al Denison.

#3 Mercedes driven by Emil Stricker.

#12 Thomas driven by George Saltzman.

1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race- October 30, 1909

The Alco Black Beast driven by Harry Grant and Frank Lee. Grant's scarf was used to clean his goggles.

Levittown (May27,1947- December 24, 1949)

Watch the amazing transformation of the Hempstead Plains into Levittown over a 2 1/2 year period. 

May 27, 1947

November 13, 1947

December 24, 1949

The Blomingdale Bridge was still standing in the 1947 aerials. It was taken down somtime before December 24, 1949 by Levitt & Sons


The location of the Bloomingdale Road Bridge is currently in someone's backyard. Check out  Wayne Consolla's online Motor Parkway map to find the location of the bridge.


Dec 02 2013 Brian D McCarthy 8:17 PM

It would be interesting if there was remnants of this overpass in r/o Satelitte La? In the last 1947 aerial, there appears to be an uprise over the central lirr row. This uprise may have became Neptune La

Aug 02 2016 Brian D McCarthy 5:05 PM

After comparing 1926 aerials with current ones, it appears that this bridge extended between #19 and 20, or #23 and 24 Satellite La, Levittown. I won’t be offended if anyone believes differently.

May 04 2017 JOHN HERLING 3:03 PM

According to the “NOW” map, the LIMP crossed Bloomingdale Road just east of where Polaris Drive presently ends.

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