Sep 13 2016

From a Lodgekeeper’s Family Album: A View of the Massapequa Lodge

Arthur Mauriello, grandson of lodgekeepers Thomas and Josephine Zinzi, has forwarded two photos of the Massapequa Lodge from one of his family albums.


Howard Kroplick

Views of the Massapequa Lodge During the Vanderbilt Cup Races

Old 16 Locomobile driving pass the Massapequa Lodge during the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

The Alco Black Beast during the 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

#16 Benz and #9 Amplex approaching the Massapequa Lodge during the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race.


Sep 13 2016 frank femenias 11:29 PM

Great new images of the Massapequa Lodge!. Is that P.O. Zinzi standing by the lodge? Amazing stuff guys.

Sep 14 2016 Brian D McCarthy 7:20 PM

Great photos, Arthur. Thank you for sharing.

Sep 29 2016 Tom 6:48 AM

I can almost hear the black beast now!

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