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Dec 31   The Top Twenty 2014 Posts on

Dec 30   From the Luttgen Album: Driver Foxhall Keene Taking the Turn at Colyers Corner in Plainview

Dec 29   Mystery Foto #100 Solved:The Jerusalem Avenue Bridge in Hempstead Plains Under Construction in 1908

Dec 27 Exclusive:The 1908 Race Album of William Luttgen & William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.

Dec 24   Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2015!

Dec 23   Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #52: The Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge

Dec 23   Mystery Foto #99: The Wright Flying Field in Mineola Circa 1916/1917

Dec 20   The 1907 Vanderbilt Cup Race Board Game

Dec 17   Two Videos: Mission to Cuba and The Classic Cars of Cuba

Dec 16   Rare View of the Bethpage Lodge and Its Lodgekeepers

Dec 15   Mystery Foto #98 Solved:The #4 Chadwick on the Ellison Ave RR Bridge During 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Dec 13   Robert Moses’ 1931 Planning Map for Long Island Parks and Parkways

Dec 10   New Ad Campaign: American Custom- A Shelby Mustang GT350 and Gibson Les Paul Goldtops

Dec 09   The 1937 Chrysler Automatic Overdrive

Dec 08   Mystery Foto #97 Solved: Rare Wooden Long Island Motor Parkway Sign (1933-1938)

Dec 06   The Vintage Automobiles of the 80th Anniversary of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Dec 06   Saturday Search: The Motomaster

Dec 06   Saturday Search Findings: 1915 Point Loma Road Race Photos

Dec 06   Saturday Search Findings: A 1907 Alco Berliet (Updated 3/3/2015)

Dec 06   Saturday Search Findings: A Map of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit

Dec 06   Saturday Search Findings: Walter Chrysler’s Chrysler Fire Truck (Updated: 12/25/14)

Dec 03   The 1929 Long Island Motor Parkway Brochure and Map

Dec 02   A 1923 Property Map of Nassau County Highlighting the Motor Parkway

Dec 02   Mystery Foto #96 Solved: Willie K. at the 1903 Eagle Rock Hill Climb in his Mors

Nov 29   Memories of the Long Island Old Car Club and the 80th Anniversary of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Nov 25   Then & Now: Chrysler’s Chrysler

Nov 24   Mystery Foto #95 Solved: Louis Chevrolet and Joe Nelson Preparing for the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Nov 22   Favorite Website: A Treasure of 34,407 Automotive Photos Posted Online

Nov 21   An Amazing Evening: “A Tribute to Henry Austin Clark, Jr. and the Long Island Automotive Museum”

Nov 19   Video: The 1990 Testimonial Dinner for Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

Nov 18   Mystery Foto #94 Solved: The Stymus Farmway Underpass of the Motor Parkway’s Longest Bridge

Nov 15   Hemmings Classic Car: Pebble Beach Concours

Nov 12   Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #51: The Claremont Avenue Bridge in Old Bethpage

Nov 11   Buicks Visit a Chrysler at Waterfront at Roslyn

Nov 10   Mystery Foto #93 Solved: Henry Austin Clark, Jr. in his 1926 Model T Acrobatic in Southampton, NY

Nov 08 Preserving history with a bike path

Nov 05   Newsday: “Vanderbilt LI Motor Parkway trail gets $1.8M in federal funds”

Nov 04   Motor Parkway Trails #3: Bethpage Along the Central Railroad Right-Of Way

Nov 03   Mystery Foto #92 Solved: Three Chrysler Ghia Concept Cars

Oct 29   Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance Program: “Classic Chryslers”

Oct 28   Hold the Date:11/20/14: “A Tribute to Henry Austin Clark, Jr & the Long Island Automotive Museum”

Oct 28   Mystery Foto #91 Solved: Walter P. Chrysler with a Maxwell 1924 Chrysler B-70 Roadster

Oct 25   Then & Now: The Long Island Motor Parkway, Mitchel Field and Sonny Corleone

Oct 22   Starting Lineup: The 1915 Vanderbilt Cup Race in San Francisco, California Updated: 10/10/2016

Oct 21   The News Photo Clips of Rosamund Lancaster Warburton and William K. Vanderbilt Jr.

Oct 21   Mystery Foto #90 Solved (Updated 10/21/14): The 1902 ACA New York to Boston Reliability Run

Oct 18   Three Days at the Hershey Region AACA Meet

Oct 15   Starting Lineup: The 1912 Vanderbilt Cup Race Held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Oct 14   Chrysler’s Chrysler Awarded “Best in Show” at 10th Annual Americana Manhasset Concours d’Elegance

Oct 14   Mystery Foto #89 Solved: The Brookholt Mansion Built by Alva Vanderbilt Belmont and O.H.P. Belmont

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